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Medical Profession

Doctor Indian

It is  said  that  doctors are the fighter  between the  bed and  grave .With the help of  Almighty ,a  experienced doctor  can save a  patient  life .Thats why ,medical profession is  considered as the most  nobel profession .But  in Bangladesh ,doctors are  being neglected in al step of their profession .Specially ,in taking higher degree ,the opportunity  is  very less .Thats why ,young doctors are  being discouraged  in taking higher degree .Hope ,our government  will solve the problem very soon and  help the young doctor to becoma a specialist doctor in their  desired  field .

Education In IOU

Now  any muslim girl can easily  admit  her in Islamic  Online University .By the  grace of  Internet ,Islamic education  has been  such an easy  task for us.Islamic ruling has all the solution of  present problem m.But ,before  that  we  have to  educate us  on Islamic education .Islamic Online University  provide  a good chance for  completing  Diploma  ,BA  &  MA  on different  subject such as phycology ,Hadith ,Fiqw ,BBA  ,Islamic education

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